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If you are a resident of Arcadia, you know it’s a great place to live. The small-town feel and sense of community is great for daily living, with all the convenience of big cities close by. And of course, how many people can say Route 66 runs right through their town?

Unfortunately, it’s not just passing travelers that get their kicks here. The rural surroundings of Arcadia also make it a hotbed for pests of all shapes and sizes. That is where we come in. At Guaranteed Pest Services of Oklahoma, we make sure that you can enjoy your life in the country without worrying about the pests that come with it. Some of the reasons to contact us for all your pest control needs include:

  • We are veteran and family-owned.

  • We have over 45 years combined experience in Oklahoma pest control.

  • We are fully licensed and insured.

  • Our employees are fully trained and always in uniform.

  • 24 Hour response time.

If pests are taking over your Arcadia home or business, call us at Guaranteed Pest Services of Oklahoma and we will get you back to living pest free in no time.

Home Pest Control In Arcadia, OK

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Your home is your sanctuary. The place where you spend time with family and friends, relax, and make memories. Nothing can ruin the peace you feel at home like watching a roach or a mouse scurry across your porch while you are enjoying an Oklahoma sunset. If pests are turning your dream home into a nightmare, call us at Guaranteed Pest Services of Oklahoma. We offer a variety of services to fit your pest control needs including:

  • One-Time Services

  • Monthly, Quarterly, or Semi-Annual Treatment Plans

  • Perimeter Pest Control

  • Odor Control

  • Termite Services using the Termador Termite System

We can handle residential pest control issues of any size. If you have a problem with rodents, roaches, termites, or any other pests, call us and let us get you back to living pest free.

Commercial Pest Control In Arcadia, OK

At Guaranteed Pest Control, we know that running a business can be a time-consuming process. The last thing you want to do as a business owner is take time out of your day to worry about pest control, but nothing can ruin the reputation of a business faster than an infestation. At Guaranteed Pest Services of Oklahoma, we specialize in, hotels, food service, apartments, retail stores, schools, and manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

On our first visit, we will inspect your business and work with you to develop a comprehensive pest control plan that fits the needs of your facility and your budget. Depending on your specific pest pressures, we will schedule routine visits weekly, biweekly, or monthly to keep your business operating without interruption from pests. Call us today for an estimate for commercial pest control. 

What Is The Best Way To Control Fleas In Arcadia

You may think that fleas are only an issue on stray dogs and not something you have to worry about in your home. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. People with or without pets can be at risk for a flea infestation in their home. These annoying parasites can make their way into your yard on any warm-blooded animal, including skunks and racoons. While a flea infestation can be hard to control, there are a few steps you can take on your own to prevent or limit a flea infestation:

  • Regularly bathe any household pets.

  • Vacuum frequently to remove flea eggs.

  • Wash bed linens regularly.

  • Keep your yard well groomed and your grass cut short.

  • Eliminate any areas where rodents may live. Rodents are frequent carriers of fleas.

If you are dealing with a flea infestation, contact us immediately. The lifecycle of a flea makes it hard to get rid of an infestation, and without professional flea control, you could be dealing with fleas in your home for weeks or even months. 

What To Do If You Have Termites In Your Arcadia Home

Termites have been nicknamed “The Silent Destroyer” for the damage they can do to a home without drawing any attention. If you believe you have a termite issue in your home, you need to seek professional help from a pest control company immediately. With the amount of damage they can cause, termite removal and treatment should never be a DIY project. 

There are two things to be concerned about when it comes to termite removal. How fast you can get rid of the termites and making sure you got them all. Quick removal will ensure that no more damage is done to your home but is only important if you have removed every termite on your property. This prevents them from forming a new colony and continuing their destruction.

At Guaranteed Pest Services of Oklahoma, we promise complete eradication of termites done quickly. We will also help you build a treatment plan to keep termites from coming back. Contact us for termite control today!


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