Oklahoma City's Handy Wasp Prevention Guide

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Wasps aren’t fun to deal with. These aggressive pests can take over your property, making it difficult, if not impossible, to relax outdoors. Taking out a wasp’s nest on your own is a bad idea and often results in a lot of needless pain and agony. But as difficult as wasps are to eliminate, preventing them can be easy. This is how to prevent wasps in Oklahoma City. 

About Wasps

Most wasps that we encounter are members of the family Vespidae, a large group that includes yellowjackets, hornets, and paper wasps. These bugs share common traits like a single pair of wings, streamlined bodies, and of course, a venomous stinger. Many wasps build nests and live in societies with a social order like bees, ants, and termites. But there are also a multitude of solitary wasp species that don’t build nests and instead hunt and breed by themselves. 

While most people think of wasps as annoying or even terrifying, they can be incredibly important to the maintenance of local ecosystems. Wasps feed on many pest insects that spoil crops, ravage gardens, and infest homes. And while they aren’t as efficient as bees, wasps also help pollinate flowers as they feed on sweet nectar. 

But regardless of how helpful they may be, nobody wants an active wasp nest on their property. A wasp sting is painful for anybody, and for folks with allergies, a sting can be potentially life-threatening. 

Landscaping To Prevent Wasps

The most effective way to prevent wasps from inhabiting your property is with some landscaping. You may have to get down and dirty with a little gardening, but the results will last longer than any store-bought pesticide.

Reduce sweet-smelling plants. Wasps are drawn to sweet-smelling plants like Queen Anne’s lace, sweet fennel, and most fruit-bearing trees. Too many flowering plants can attract wasps.

Plant your own wasp repellent. On the flip side, there are also plants that wasps hate. Planting marigolds, wormwood, citronella, basil, and thyme can all help to repel wasps.

Keep up with yard work. Simply mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, and pulling weeds can help reduce the presence of wasps. Why? By keeping plant life on your property under control, you give prey insects fewer places to congregate, and in turn, you reduce the food supply for wasps. 

Other Ways To Prevent Wasps

Besides yard work and landscaping, there are a few other tips you can use to keep wasps off your Oklahoma City property:

  • Mind the trash. Don’t leave trash uncovered outdoors. Make sure all food waste and beverage containers are disposed of in sturdy receptacles with tight-sealing lids. Rinse receptacles out periodically to remove residue that attracts pests.
  • Clean up outdoors. If you’re holding an outdoor event, be sure to wipe down tables after eating and serving food. Don’t leave meat, beer, or sugary beverages unattended.
  • Fill in holes. Many solitary wasps build their nests in the ground, but social wasps like yellowjackets may also build subterranean nests. Carefully fill in these holes with gravel or sand.
  • Repair siding. Wasps will sometimes use damaged or cracked siding to build their nests. Repair or replace the damaged siding of your home or business to prevent wasps from establishing a nest.

If you need assistance with wasp prevention or need an active nest removed from your Oklahoma City property, contact the pros at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma. We always put our customers first and will perform a thorough inspection and treatment while maintaining the highest standards of service. We’ve been helping our neighbors get rid of troublesome pests for three decades and we’re standing by to help you, too. Get in touch with us today.

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