The Benefits Of Professional Pest Control In Oklahoma City

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It’s a common misconception that Oklahoma property owners only need to worry about pests during the spring or summertime. Although some pests, like mosquitoes or fleas, may be more prevalent during the summer, Oklahoma City has its fair share of critters all year round. Pests like cockroaches, bed bugs, and termites are active throughout the entire year, so pest control is an ongoing problem, not a seasonal one.

Unfortunately, many Oklahoma home or business owners only choose to address pest issues on a case-by-case basis. While this may take care of the insect or rodent that’s currently troubling your home, it won’t prevent future infestations from happening – and it may not even solve the underlying problem.

At Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma, we aim to ensure that we not only solve your current pest problem but that we protect your home from future pest issues too. Here’s why going with a professional pest control company may be the right option for your Oklahoma residence or business.

Our Residential Pest Control Program For Oklahoma City Homes

Whether you’re dealing with bed bugs in the wintertime or mosquitoes during the summer, our residential services all begin with the same step: an inspection of your property. We’ll target problem areas for the pest in question, including spots with excess moisture as this can attract a variety of critters.

Once we’ve found the source of the infestation, our professionals will then implement a customized treatment plan for your home. Depending on the pest, our innovative treatment plans include granules, baits, traps, sprays, and even liquid applications that are both kid and pet-friendly. We steer clear of treatment options that may release harmful fumes or chemicals, unlike some OTC sprays or applications.

After we’ve treated your property, the final step is making sure the pest in question doesn’t return. We offer residential packages that include semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, or even one-time follow-up visits.

And, as a guarantee that our treatments work, we’ll treat your home for free if we find that the pest has returned during our follow-up appointment.

Our Commercial Pest Control Program For Oklahoma City Businesses

Although pest issues can be a major problem for homeowners, businesses often have higher stakes when it comes to pest management. A pest infestation can be an immediate threat to your customers, employees, inventory, or even your building.

At Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma, we understand that your livelihood is at stake, and we offer:

  • Inspections that are 100% free
  • Same-day services
  • A pest-free guarantee for every visit

Whether you’re running a doctor’s office or a financial institution, our commercial pest control program starts with the same step: that free inspection. Once we’ve weeded out the problem areas and the source of your pest issue, our experienced professionals will come up with a personalized game plan to get your business pest-free immediately.

We’ll also schedule follow-up visits on an as-needed basis to ensure the critter in question doesn’t return. However, if the pest makes its way back in after we’ve treated your business, we’ll come back and take care of the problem free of charge.

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Some Oklahoma City home and business owners may want to solve their pest issues on their own, but the benefits of going with a professional pest control company like Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma far outweigh the costs.

If you suspect that you may have a pest infestation in your home or business, don’t leave the problem untreated – call us at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma today and schedule your free inspection as soon as possible.

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