Are Crickets In Oklahoma City Dangerous?

cricket on a wooden table
Crickets are typically thought of as friendly conscience guides in cartoons and rather harmless insects that don't cause trouble and only want to chirp. But don’t be fooled. Crickets are a nuisance and will live in your Oklahoma City residence rent-free until they die if you don’t address an infestation properly. House crickets are the most common type of cricket found in the United States. Easily spotted with their antennae, six legs, three-banded stripes on their heads, and with the output of aforementioned chirping.  

Cricket Destruction

While crickets may seem friendly enough, don’t be tricked by their apparent innocence. If you let them, crickets will cause costly, near-irreparable damage to your house. Here are a few problems that crickets can cause:

  • Damage to personal goods. Because house crickets break into your home searching for warmth and food, they most commonly chew on fabrics such as wool, cotton, silk, and synthetics, destroying them entirely. Though homeowners can replace most of these items, that can result in costly damages or the inability to replace something of sentimental value.
  • Loud noises. A house cricket will chirp incessantly because it is their mating call, and crickets will look to mate and multiply rapidly if they are comfortable in their new-found homes.
  • Spread of diseases. Crickets are known to encourage the spread of E. coli and salmonellosis both through their bodies and in their fecal matter. Both viruses are truly unpleasant for humans to suffer through, so at the first suspected sight of crickets or their droppings, work toward eliminating them.

What Attracts Crickets And How To Eliminate Them

Crickets have no place in the home. The damages that they cause are a big deal, especially for an insect that seems so harmless on the surface. Here are a few ideas about what attracts crickets to your property and how you can go about eliminating them:

  • Crickets are most happy in moist, warm environments. When inside, Oklahoma City residents will typically find them loitering in the kitchen, near fireplaces, and inside indoor heaters. While outside, they tend to hang around mulch and piles of wood.  
  • Infestations can begin when the pests come indoors for shelter from the elements or predators, or when crickets intended for reptile food escape and then gain entry to your entire house.
  • The most clear-cut way to get rid of the crickets inside your home is to reduce any areas of excess moisture, so use a dehumidifier, check leaking faucets, and make sure that any crawl spaces and attics are well-ventilated.
  • Make sure to keep your landscape well-groomed by mowing the lawn regularly, eliminating any standing water, weeding plant beds, and storing any wood piles at least 20 feet from the home.
  • Regularly inspect your home’s exterior for any cracks or vulnerable entry points and seal them up thoroughly.
  • Have professionals treat your lawn and home’s foundation.

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