The Rodents In Oklahoma City Can Cause A Huge Problem In Your Home

rat coming out a hole
No matter what part of the country you find yourself in, you’ll have to deal with rodents. Like many states, Oklahoma City’s most common pest problem is rodents. This ranges from tiny rodents like mice to giant rats and so on. Typically, when you realize you have a rodent infestation, it might be worse off than you think. 

Only seeing one rat in your Oklahoma City residence can be misleading. For everyone you see, there might be two more you don’t. Because of this, you need to be vigilant for any signs of rats in your Oklahoma City home. If you don’t confront this potential problem immediately, your home and health could suffer greatly.

How To Tell If You Have Mice Or Rats In Your Oklahoma City House

Many different types of rats could be infesting your home. However, almost all of them have identical trademarks that you can identify to know if there is an infestation problem. Look for these signs of rats or reach out for a free inspection:

  • Holes in the drywall
  • Structural damage in the attic or basement area
  • Electrical damage (chewed wires)
  • Water damage (chewed pipes)
  • Ripped insulation
  • Chewed cloth/fabric/furniture
  • Signs of nesting or burrowing

A great many of these things can cost you thousands of dollars in damages and repairs. Therefore, stay vigilant if you think an infestation is underway in your home or give us a ring today.

The Dangers and Damages Of [Rodents] In Your Oklahoma City Home

Did you know rats cause around 20 billion dollars in damages a year in the states? Aside from the ability to carry deadly diseases, they can compromise the structural integrity of your home. It’s all fun and games until a wall caves in or leaking pipe messes with your foundation.

None of that is even considering the possibility of losing a loved one. Electrical damage can lead to a house fire. Rats are a hazard in your home, don’t let them harm your family.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents In Walls & Crawl Spaces In Oklahoma City

If you want to know how to deal with rats, you should know that traps are not as effective as you might think. Snap traps and sticky traps might help you in catching one or two, but rats are tricky. They will get wise to the traps, avoid the places, or change their patterns around your home.

On top of that, snap traps are very dangerous on their own. If you place them in an open area, other animals, the family pet, even children can find themselves being harmed by it. Not to mention when a snap trap kills a rat, it is a gruesome thing to find and very unsanitary.

If you are struggling with how to deal with rats and rodents crawling around your walls, you need to reach out to the experts. Rats multiply quickly, one can become ten in a short time. The only way to be sure your home is completely eradicated of the problem is to make the call.

Where Can I Find Effective Rodent Control Services In Oklahoma City

So, if you think you might have tiny rodents running around your home, take action by calling in a professional team. At Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma, we provide service you can rely on with experience to back it up. No matter what different types of rats have invaded your home or business, we can handle it.

We promise at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma professional service that is personalized to fit your pest needs. Our team can deal with your problem safely and efficiently. That way, you don’t have to keep stressing about your home. At Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma, you will never be alone in your battle against big rats and rodents. We will be with you every step of the way until you’re satisfied with our service. 

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