Five Easy Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Oklahoma City Pantries

indian meal moth close up
Have you ever opened up your pantry and discovered that pests had infiltrated some food? Pantry pests, also commonly referred to as stored food pests, enter to consume and potentially contaminate many dried foods. Some of the most likely targeted foods include flour, cake mix, dried fruit, cereal, pasta, rice, and pet food. 

Common Types Of Pests That Invade Pantries And Cupboards

The Indian meal moth is a typical small insect with multi-colored wings can that rapidly reproduces. They will commonly enter your home among your groceries and feed on flour or pasta. They generally are found in opened products, but the larvae can penetrate thin plastic or cardboard packaging material. 
Cigarette beetles have an oval body that rarely exceeds 1/8 of an inch and have wings. They are aptly named for their attraction to tobacco but will gladly feed on cereals, dried herbs, and nuts. Cigarette beetles can enter a home through very tiny openings or will already be present in items you purchase from a store. 
The saw-toothed grain beetle is only about 1/8 of an inch with a brown color, and they will create holes in packaged foods of all types. They are a pest that may create mold; therefore, so expect the cupboard area for any growth signs. 
Rodents, including mice and rats, will also enter cupboards and eat packaged dry foods. Always clean and disinfect the area well following an intrusion to remove excrement. 

Five Best Practices For Prevention

  • When grocery shopping, take the time to inspect packaged foods for any evidence of pests. 
  • After bringing these food items home, transfer them to sturdy plastic, metal, or glass containers before placing them in storage.
  • Keep the kitchen area free of crumbs and promptly clean up spills to prevent attracting pests to the site.
  • Avoid leaving dirty dishes out overnight and ensure that trash cans have lids that close tightly.
  • Check the home’s exterior regularly for holes in screens, gaps around the seals of doors and windows, and any other potential entry points for pests.

Do I Need A Professional Exterminator? 

Some homeowners are reluctant to reach out to a professional when they notice a potential problem with pests around their property. Many of these individuals think that the cost of hiring an extermination company is too high. This is a misconception that is often proven wrong, and there is no excuse for failing to have a free estimate that requires no obligation. 
Other property owners will recognize that pests have entered their homes but underestimate the intrusion’s potential severity. Some people will consider do-it-yourself treatment options by online retailers or local home improvement stores that tend to make outlandish claims of effectiveness. In the meanwhile, the existing pest problem often worsens as the store-bought remedy shows minimal results. Contacting a certified professional is generally the best initial course of action. 

Local Pest Control Experts

For more than 25 years now, the Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma has been solving pest-related problems for home and business owners in this area. Our trained specialists’ team recognizes the importance of efficiently expelling pests such as ants, termites, bed bugs, and many other undesirable intruders. At the same time, our staff recognizes the importance of safety for our customers and the local ecosystem. 
Part of our lasting success is attributed to a long-standing commitment to excellent customer service and guaranteed results. We will closely assess the extent of the problem and create a cost-effective solution that eliminates it. We look forward to speaking with you to schedule an on-site inspection and estimate today. 

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