Oklahoma City's Ultimate Hornet Control Guide

close up of a hornet
Of all the pests in Oklahoma City, hornets can be some of the scariest. These insects can sting, and these stings are very painful. However, hornets aren’t just a nuisance pest. Their stingers can inject venom and lead to allergic reactions. In some cases, even healthy adults can wind up in the hospital after being stung, so it’s never a good idea to mess with these insects.

Hornets are actually a subcategory of wasps. The most common hornet variety in the area is the bald-faced hornet. These hornets are about an inch and a half long, and mostly black with whitish markings on their faces and legs. They have long, thin bodies and sleek, aerodynamic heads.

Because hornets can be so dangerous to deal with, taking steps to prevent them is essential. It’s much easier to deter them in the first place than to remove them. This guide will help you keep wasps away from your home or business.

Why Are Hornets Coming Around?

In order to keep hornets away, you need to understand what draws them into an area in the first place. Overall, areas with water sources that also provide access to food, attract hornets. This can mean flowering plants or other sweet-smelling items.

Hornets are often attracted to many flowering varieties but even drinking sugary drinks or food outdoors can appeal to them. And, standing water is especially attractive. This includes hot tubs, pools, or even just water pooling in your yard from rain that hasn’t drained properly.

Six Hornet And Wasp Prevention Measures

Now that you know the main elements that bring these stinging insects around, you can take specific steps to reduce or eliminate these factors.

The following six tips are simple but effective ways to deter hornets and wasps:

  1. Avoid overwatering your yard and plant citronella, sage, and mint as these varieties can repel stinging insects.
  2. Clean gutters to ensure drainage and remove any standing water currently on the property.
  3. If you have hot tubs and pools, keep them treated with the correct chemicals. Also, make sure to clean and cycle water frequently.
  4. Place tightly-fitted lids on all trash cans and remove trash from around your lawn.
  5. Regularly trim shrubs, trees, and bushes to lessen the areas where hornets are likely to build nests. Also, keep your yard mowed regularly and clear of organic debris like grass clippings.
  6. If you are eating outside, make sure to clean up any spills right away, and store pet food inside.
    These tips should help lessen the chances that stinging insects nest on your property but they won't do much to eliminate existing populations.

Why You Shouldn’t Remove Hornets On Your Own

If you’re already dealing with a hornet problem in your Oklahoma City home or business, it’s very dangerous to try and remove them on your own. Hornets are most likely to attack and sting when their nests are disturbed. So, you shouldn’t attempt to remove this problem on your own.

Instead, let the experts at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma assist you. Our trained technicians have over 45 years of combined experience, and we provide both residential and commercial hornet and wasp control services. We also offer ongoing plans that will keep these stinging insects from returning.

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