Why Are There Spiders In My Oklahoma City Home?

spider on a tile floor
Though most spiders are harmless, that doesn't mean you want them in your home. In some circumstances, they will bite humans if they feel threatened. Furthermore, spiders are not a welcome sight in the home because they are indicative of a pest infestation, as other pests are their main source of food. 

Some types of spiders you're likely to see in Oklahoma City include:

  • House spiders. This commonly found type of spider is brown and black in coloring and though plain in looks otherwise, is fairly easy to spot due to how common they are. When they’re not hiding underneath furniture, it is common to find them lurking in your sheds or garages.
  • Jumping spiders. Spotting this type of spider is relatively easy because you can’t miss their chunky, furry bodies and big eyes. They tend to hang out around windows and are known for having superior eyesight.
  • Black widow spiders. This venomous species loves a cool, dry, and dark spot to hang around to stalk their prey. Black and shiny in appearance, black widow spiders are most easily identified for their iconic looks. Oklahoma City residents may have seen them underneath wood piles or stone piles.
  • Long-bodied cellar spiders. Otherwise known as daddy-long-legs, this slender species makes themselves at home in cellars or attics, as the name would suggest. They also seek areas of high moisture and humidity, so don’t be surprised if you spot them in leaky faucets, shower drains, or around lawn sprinklers.

Why And How Spiders Come Into Your Home

Spiders come into the home looking for pests to prey on. They make their way into your home through weak spots in the foundation, broken window screens, and any crack or crevice they can take advantage of. If there are pests in or around your house, spiders will know about it. 

Preventing Spiders In Your Home

In order to prevent spiders from congregating and populating in your Oklahoma City home, you must first address the issue of other nuisance pests. Here are a few tried and true tips for keeping pests at bay:

  • Take an herbal approach. Plants such as citronella and basil have been said to have natural properties that are considered deterrents to pests like mosquitoes and wasps, amongst others. Plus, you get the added benefit of having a lovely garden.
  • Look at pockets of moisture. Many pests that will enter your home or that invade your property need water to survive and also utilize it to lay their eggs, thus, growing an infestation. If you have a leaky faucet, an issue with your irrigation system, or perhaps even some stale water hanging around in a birdbath, these all need to be addressed. They can very easily become breeding grounds for pests, like flies and mosquitoes, all of which spiders will find delicious.
  • Seal it up. Pests of all shapes and sizes look for any opportunity to gain entry into your home, even if it’s through the smallest crack in your foundation. While some spots are not visible to the naked eye, homeowners should be cognizant of any worn weather stripping, holes in screen windows and screen doors, and gaps around doors and windows.
  • Give Fido a once over. Since many pests like fleas and ticks enter your home with the help of cats and dogs, it’s important to not only check them after they’ve spent time outside, but it’s also worth talking to your vet about treating them topically or orally with year-round flea and tick prevention.  
  • Keep it clean. Pests that attract spiders love garbage. Everything from flies to cockroaches to wasps love dirty dishes, soap spills, and overflowing garbage cans. By cleaning your house regularly and thoroughly, you will mitigate any long-term factors that may attract a multitude of harmful pests.

The most effective way to handle pest infestation, and therefore, get rid of the spiders in your home as well, is with a call to the professionals at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma

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