Five Tips To Keep Pantry Pests Out Of Your Oklahoma City Home

up close of a beetle
Pantry pests are a group of insects attracted to the kinds of foods that homeowners typically store in pantries and cupboards, namely dried and processed foods. There are a variety of pantry pests, but in Oklahoma City, the most common are the cigarette beetle, the saw-toothed grain beetle, and the Indian meal moth, a pest that’s notorious for being difficult to get rid of.

Also known as “stored product pests,” pantry pests like to feed on carbohydrates, which include flour, uncooked pasta, dry pet food, cornstarch, powdered milk, crackers, bread, birdseed, dried nuts, and spices, as well as dried fruit, cookies, candy, and chocolate.

Read on for more about whether pantry pests are dangerous and five tips on keeping pantry pests out of your Oklahoma City home.

Are Pantry Pests Dangerous?

Cigarette beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, and Indian meal moths are not dangerous to humans or pets. They are not known to transmit disease or carry harmful pathogens or parasites. However, because these pests invade pantries and feed on stored foods, they are also laying their eggs and leaving behind excrement in these foods, thereby causing spoilage, creating unnecessary waste and expenses for the homeowner.

Also, because these pests live in and around their food source, they’re essentially surrounded by an around-the-clock buffet, which can encourage the existing pest population to grow into a full-blown infestation.

How To Keep Pantry Pests At Bay

Having pantry pests isn’t necessarily an indication of the cleanliness of a home, as these pests can find their way inside packages undetected. However, cleanliness is one of the chief ways that homeowners can avert these pests. Consider these five tips to avoid bringing in or attracting pantry pests into your Oklahoma City home.

  1. Properly Store Pantry Foods: Items kept in the cupboard or pantry, which includes spices, should be stored in sealed, airtight containers made of plastic, glass, or another material that’s more durable than cardboard or paper, which pantry pests can chew their way through.
  2. Inspect The Packaging Of Store Items Before Purchasing: In most cases, pantry pests are brought into the home from packages already infested in-store. To avoid bringing pests in, thoroughly inspect product packaging for any signs of damage before purchasing.
  3. Seal Potential Entry Points Around The Home: Add another layer of protection to your home by repairing any damage that may serve as entry points for pests. This includes checking and, if needed, replacing window and door screens and adding door sweeps onto exterior-facing doors and garages.
  4. Regularly Clean Areas Where Food Is Stored, Prepared, And Eaten: Pantry pests and other household pests are always on the lookout for fallen crumbs or spills. Regularly clean areas where food is prepared, such as the kitchen countertop, floor, and table, and occasionally clean out pantries and cupboards, cleaning underneath and behind the stored products.
  5. Use Bay Leaves: As another defense against pantry pests, homeowners can add a bay leaf inside of the stored pantry items, such as inside of packaged flour, rice, and other grains, which helps to deter many of these pests.

Remove Pantry Pests For Good With Professional Solutions

Many people don’t like it when their food is tampered with, no matter whether other people, pets, or pests are to blame. Have pantry pests removed from your Oklahoma City home, and fast, with help from the local professionals at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma. With over 45 years of combined industry experience, contact us for assistance with an existing infection or more prevention advice.

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