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Are Crickets In Oklahoma City Dangerous?

June 29, 2021

Crickets are typically thought of as friendly conscience guides in cartoons and rather harmless insects that don't cause trouble and only want to chirp. But don’t be fooled. Crickets are a nuisance and will live in your Oklahoma City residence rent-free until they die if you don’t address an infestation properly. House crickets are the most common type of cricket found in the United States. Easily spotted with their antennae, six l... Read More

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Why The Crickets In Oklahoma City Are Worse Than You Think

May 7, 2021

You can hear the chirping, but no matter how hard you look, that pesky cricket keeps evading you. No big deal, right? After all, crickets aren’t a threat like other home-infesting pests. Well, the unfortunate truth is that crickets cause a surprising number of problems, from spreading disease to causing destruction. If you’ve seen (or heard) crickets in Oklahoma City lately, you ought to know just how much trouble they can be.... Read More


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