How You Could Be Wrong About Termites In Oklahoma City

There are many misconceptions regarding termites. Some shine a disparaging light on termites. Others can be misleading and cause you to make errors in correcting a termite infestation, or lead you down the wrong road in protecting your property from termite damage. Here are a few myths you might believe about termites in Oklahoma City.

termite infestation

Do termites serve no purpose?

If you believe that termites only live to destroy your property, you have these little critters all wrong. Termites are important to the ecosystem in Oklahoma City and the surrounding region. They help to create nitrogen-rich soil for plants to grow strong and healthy. When you take steps to protect the wood inside your property from termites, you create a boundary for termite colonies. These insects are ever-expanding their territories. The goal is to restrict where they can go and where they can't. This allows them to continue to be a benefit, without creating hardships for property owners.

Do termites eat through concrete?

You might think so. Termite workers are always searching for food sources and will often work their way through cracks in underground rocks. When they come upon a foundation, they don't realize the concrete of a home isn't a boulder out in nature. They work their way up through cracks and start to feed on the wood they find. While you needn't worry about termites eating through the concrete around and under your home or business, you should still be concerned. Subterranean termites are relentless. You need to take measures to stop them or they could eat you out of house and home—or business.

Are termites part of the ant family?

No. Termites are not ants. But you might think so to look at one. They are insects with six legs, three body parts, and two antennae. Why is it important to know that termites are not ants? Because termites won't get into your food cabinets and eat your food to let you know they've infested your property. They eat wood. This allows them to stay entirely hidden inside the wood of your property as they slowly consume it.

Can you prevent termites by giving them an alternate food source?

There are some who would suggest that putting a large amount of mulch around a home, or putting a termite food source like cardboard on the ground, away from the exterior, will provide a source of food termites will enjoy. The theory is that the termites will feed on these preferable food sources and refrain from eating the lumbers of man-made structures that are on the property. Unfortunately, termites eat multiple food sources at the same time. While they are happily eating any preferable food source you give them, they can also feed on your home or business at the same time. There is no benefit to putting a food source for termites in your yard or around the structures on your property. You'll only make your termite problems worse.

Do you only have to treat a home once for termites?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Liquid termiticides wear out over time. If you've purchased a home that has had a termite barrier installed, that barrier won't last forever. You need to have a termite control professional ensure that your termite protection continues to safeguard your investment. This is done through yearly inspections and retreatments as necessary.

Are all termites the same?

No. We have two types of termites in our area. They are subterranean termites and drywood termites. Subterranean termites are, by far, the most destructive termites. They can do thousands of dollars in damage without providing any visual indication that they have infested a property. 

Can you treat termites on your own?

There are many products available to consumers, but there are pitfalls to doing your own termite control.

  • Some products just don't work.

  • Some products work, but only when installed properly.

  • If your termite treatments aren't installed correctly, you may not know until termites have extensively damaged your property.

  • It is a lot of work to install termite protection around a structure. There is nothing worse than knowing all the work and money you put in only resulted in having termites damage your property anyway.

What is the best solution for Oklahoma City Termites?

Contact Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma for foundation treatments and pre-treatments. We help residential and commercial customers stop termites from getting in and doing damage to their properties. If you have questions, or you would like guidance on what the best termite solution is for your Oklahoma City property, we can help. Reach out to us today for immediate assistance. Most questions can be addressed over the phone. If a service visit is required, we can set one up for you.


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