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Professional Pest Control For Mustang, OK Properties

Located within the Oklahoma City area, Mustang, Oklahoma is a city filled with residences, commercial buildings, and of course, plenty of nature. As such, pests of different kinds are always trying to get inside looking for food, water, and shelter. However, a pest infestation is never a good thing and results in problems that range from property damage to health problems depending on the pest in question. That's why the team at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma is here to address all of your pest control needs.

For over 25 years, we've proudly served Mustang and the surrounding area, and it's all thanks to us offering the most courteous, flexible, and effective pest services in the area. No matter your pest control needs, our team has you covered with guaranteed results you can count on. Call us today to learn more about your pest control options.

Home Pest Control In Mustang, OK

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Homes in Mustang are vulnerable to pest infestations more often than people think. This can't be allowed to continue, which is why we work with you during our comprehensive inspection to identify the appropriate treatment for your pest issues. Once the inspection is finished, we'll perform the following during the initial service visit:

  • Interior And Exterior Treatments
  • Garage Liquid Application
  • De-webbing And De-nesting
  • Use Of Granules And Baits (as needed)
  • Interior Hot Spots And Moisture Area Treatment

We offer monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual follow-up services so you'll remain pest-free all year long. Contact our team at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma today to discuss your residential pest control options.

Commercial Pest Control In Mustang, OK

You know when pest infestations occur in your place of business, everyone is in for a rough time. The longer pests are allowed to run wild, the more likely you are to suffer complications such as compromised health for your employees and customers, property damage, and even code violations.
Our team is here for you to quickly correct and eliminate your pest problems. We offer year-round services that are guaranteed, so you can get back to focusing on what matters most. Our team has serviced over 200 businesses, which means we've seen it all, so you can relax knowing we have you covered. Don't let your pest problems affect your business any longer than necessary. Contact our team at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma today to find out more about your commercial pest control options.

What Is The Most Effective Termite Control Method In Mustang?

Nothing causes more long-term damage than a termite infestation that's been allowed to continue. Given enough time, they can cause significant structural and cosmetic damage to your property, which can be dangerous. The damage is also costly since it's not always guaranteed insurance will cover you. The best way to stay protected is to know how to keep them away. Follow these tips and you'll have a chance:

  • Moisture Correction: All sources of moisture should be addressed and corrected. Whether it's leaking pipes, water-damaged wood, or excess humidity, attention must be paid. The drier your property, the better protected you are.
  • Wood-To-Soil: Ideally, no wood should be in contact with soil around the property. Use gravel, cement, and other materials as a barrier between the soil and wooden structures or materials.
  • Regular Inspection: Besides inspecting your property annually, it's important to check all wooden materials before bringing them inside. Also, pay close attention to the exterior wood along your building's perimeter for early signs of termites.

Even the most diligent attention can still fail in preventing an infestation. For those cases, call our team at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma today for a termite control plan that gets the job done. 

How To Stop Ants From Coming In Your Mustang Home

Fortunately, ants are generally a nuisance more than an actual threat with a few exceptions. However, that doesn't mean they belong inside your Mustang home. If you want to stop ants from getting inside, then stick to the following tips:

  • Food: Store unused food properly while cleaning up any crumbs or spills completely
  • Trashcans: Make sure your trashcans are cleaned and wiped down regularly
  • Entry Points: All holes, cracks, and crevices should be sealed with silicone caulk
  • Water: Remove all access to water sources from leaking pipes to standing water near the foundation

While the previous tips do a lot to help, the best way to keep ants outside where they belong is to work with professionals. Our team at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma is here for our customers, so contact us today to explore your ant control options.


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