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Located just 20 miles south of downtown Oklahoma City, the city of Norman, OK, is a progressive and welcoming place full of friendly faces. Unfortunately, that's not the only thing Norman is full of. There are local pest populations all around town, looking for entry into local homes and businesses. Why? They're seeking sources of food, water, and shelter. Once they find their way onto your property, they can spread their populations very quickly and expose you to a large-scale pest infestation. The best way to protect your Norman property from the dangers of an infestation is to reach out to the pest professionals. 

Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma is here to address all of your pest control needs. We've been servicing properties throughout Cleveland County and the surrounding areas for over 45 years, and we work hard to bring you the most courteous, flexible, and effective pest services in the area. The team at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma guarantees results, and our pest-free guarantee gives you the assurance of knowing you're completely covered. Reach out today to learn more. 

Home Pest Control In Norman, OK

house in norman oklahoma

Your Norman home is an ideal place for pests to settle down, meaning you and your loved ones are vulnerable to the dangers of pest infestations. After we complete a thorough inspection of the property, we'll perform the necessary treatments to tackle the root of the issue. 

Initial Service Visit

  • Interior and exterior treatments

  • Garage liquid application

  • De-webbing and de-nesting

  • Use of granules and baits as necessary

  • Exterior eaves, windows, doors

  • Interior hot spots and moisture areas

After initial treatment, we'll return for monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual follow-up services to keep things pest-free all year long. Reach out to us today to discuss our residential pest control solutions in Norman, OK

Commercial Pest Control In Norman, OK

Your Norman business is unfortunately vulnerable to pest infestations, and that puts your property and all those inside of it in harm's way. Not only can a pest infestation ruin your reputation and your ability to do business, but it also compromises the health and safety of all your employees and customers. The only guaranteed way to protect your business from an infestation is to get in touch with a team of experienced pest professionals. Here at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma, our commercial pest solutions give Norman businesses year-round protection from pest activity. 

Having serviced over 200 businesses, we've treated a variety of commercial properties, some of which include office spaces, dental offices, financial institutions, law offices, retail stores, and doctor's offices. We specialize in commercial termite control, but no matter what kind of pest problem you're facing, we are here to help. Get in touch with us to learn more about our commercial pest control solutions in Norman, OK and how we can help you.

Bed Bug Control: Here's Why You Should Call The Pros Of Norman, OK

Bed bugs are nocturnal parasites that hide during the day, finding harborage in areas that provide frequent exposure to human contact, including bed sheets, linens, upholstery, clothing, etc. They feed on our blood and then go back into their hiding places. A bed bug infestation can quickly turn into a widespread problem that can be very hard to control. The best way to approach bed bug control is to get in touch with the pest experts, and we'll tell you why. 

These pests can be very hard to detect, not only due to their nocturnal nature but also because they can go up to a year without food, allowing them to survive long spells without feeding. They can live in your space for weeks or months before you even notice. If you try to deal with the problem on your own, you'll end up having to do treatments multiple times since they only provide short-term solutions.

The bottom line is that the knowledge and expertise of a professional pest control team are unmatched. Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma offers comprehensive bed bug control treatments that you can count on. Reach out to us today to discuss our bed bug control services in Norman, OK, and we'll set up your complimentary inspection right away. 

Four Ways To Avoid Cockroach Infestations In Norman, OK

If cockroaches get into your Norman property, they can cause large-scale contamination and threaten your health and well-being. They travel through the property, leaving behind shed skins, saliva, and fecal droppings, putting you at risk for a variety of adverse health reactions. That's why it's important to be proactive. Here are four ways to avoid a cockroach infestation:

1. Don't leave any food out, pet food included.

2. Maintain a clean home that is free from clutter. 

3. Reduce sources of humidity and excess moisture.

4. Use weatherstripping around windows and doors.

In order to secure the quality cockroach protection you deserve, your best bet is to call in the professionals. Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma is ready to tackle your cockroach problem, giving you lasting pest-free results you can trust. Give us a call today to hear more about our cockroach control and prevention services; we're here to help.


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