Why Spiders Come Into Oklahoma City Homes & How To Keep Them Out

It is fairly easy to understand why spiders come into Oklahoma City homes. They just do what comes natural. In nature, spiders get into the cracks between rocks and inside the crevices of boulders or rock faces. It only makes sense that a spider would take advantage of a crack in a foundation, or cracks in a brick or stone exterior. In nature, spiders slip underneath the bark on trees. It only makes sense that they would get under the siding on sheds, barns, and homes. In nature, spiders hide in logs and stumps. It only makes sense that they would slip into a 2x4 that has a rotted hole, or a gap between a sole plate and a foundation. When you find spiders inside your Oklahoma City home, you shouldn't be surprised.

house spider in basement

Why Spiders Stay

If spiders naturally find their way in, why don't they naturally find their way out when they realize your home isn't suitable for habitation? Well, the truth is your home is habitable for some spider species. 

Shelter. Whether your home is temperature-controlled or not, at the very least it will provide a shaded hiding place for spiders. That may be all the reason a spider needs to stay in your home.

Food. While spiders don't eat what you eat, they can find food in your home. Spiders eat the pests that eat the food you eat. If you have a pest problem with insects or invertebrates, you'll have more trouble with spiders.

Water. A spider doesn't need much water. If it finds droplets of water in your bathroom or kitchen sink, it is likely to be satisfied.

How Can We Use This Information To Keep Spiders Out?

Let's take what we've talked about so far and apply it to spider control. If you want to keep spiders out of your home, you need to address entry points, habitats, food, and water. Here are some tips.

Entry Points

  • Replace weather stripping on exterior doors to seal gaps.

  • Replace damaged door sweeps that have gaps.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal around water mains, windows, doors, and other exterior wall penetrations.

  • Repair wood rot or use a caulking gun to fill holes temporarily.


  • Remove decaying organic matter around your exterior such as leaves. Fewer spiders near your home will result in fewer spiders getting into your home.

  • Remove woodpiles, construction materials, and objects that sit on the ground near your home.

    Address plumbing leaks outside and inside your home.

  • Repair leaky faucets.

  • Install vents, fans, or dehumidifiers to control interior humidity and moisture.

  • Use your bathroom fan to vent moisture during baths or showers.


  • Reduce insects around your home to reduce spider activity. Keep lights off at night or replace white lights with yellow lights. Many insects are attracted to light. Put bagged trash in covered receptacles. Remove anything in your yard that is decaying, and be sure to pick up dog droppings.

  • Reduce insects inside your home to reduce spider activity and potentially drive spiders back outside. Keep things clean. Keep trash in covered containers. Store food in sealed containers. Put fruit in the fridge. Repair window and door screens.

Web Removal

Along with the tips given above to naturally deter spiders, there is one targeted way you can have an impact on spider populations around and inside your home. When you see spider webs, remove them as soon as possible. A single web can have hundreds of unhatched eggs hidden inside an egg sac. While the majority of those eggs won't turn into viable adults, it is best to not have hundreds of spider eggs hatching near your exterior, or inside your home. Use a tool to remove webs and treat the webbing to eliminate any eggs on the tool. If you have webs on your roofline, you can attach the web-removal tool to a long pole to get those webs without the need for a ladder. 

Residential Pest Control

When it comes to getting control of insects and spiders in Oklahoma City, there is no better solution than to contact Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma. We offer monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual service plans for Oklahoma City residents. These service plans come with perimeter pest control that gives you protection from insects and the spiders that eat them. And while you're keeping spiders out of your home, you'll have coverage for other pests that can be a threat to your health and property.

If you have questions or you're ready to start your pest control service and say goodbye to spiders, reach out to us. We look forward to guiding you in finding the right pest control solution for your family, your home, and your budget.


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