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Yukon, Oklahoma, is known as one of the best cities to live in the state. Over the last decade, Yukon has grown rapidly. It is a quiet place to live for those that want to work in Oklahoma City but don’t want to live there. Don’t get it wrong, Yukon has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. The main street is a part of the famous Route 66 to local restaurants and attractions like museums. This city cherishes hard work and determination. A reminder of this is the famous Yukon’s Best Flour sign, a landmark of the historic flour mill. Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma shares the same values Yukon was built on.

Yukon has a long history, and if you become a part of it by making your home or starting a business in the area, you should understand the pests you might encounter. Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma can help you guard your property against pests. If you are dealing with pests in Yukon, Oklahoma, or want to prevent pests, you should contact us today! Our professionals are equipped with experience, knowledge, and the tools they need to get the job done right. We guarantee a service that will leave you happy.

Home Pest Control In Yukon, OK

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Your home should feel safe, and this includes against pests. With over 45 years of combined experience in the industry, the professionals at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma can handle a pest control job of any size.

You Can Trust Us, We Guarantee

Our service is only of the highest caliber. We always start with an inspection of your property to identify the problem. You can choose from a wide variety of services for general pest control, such as a one-time service, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual
plan to fit your needs.

We offer specialty services that target specific problems, such as perimeter pest control and odor control. Also, we specialize in termite protection. Termites can cause immense amounts of damage to a property, which is why we are dedicated to helping Yukon residents keep their homes termite-free.
What you can expect when working with us:

  • A quick response to all calls
  • Trained and uniformed professionals that can handle any pest infestation
  • Efficient and effective services
  • Guaranteed outstanding customer service and work

Don’t wait to get started with pest control and prevention. Contact us today to get an estimate for your home pest control service needs. 

Commercial Pest Control In Yukon, OK

We are a veteran and family-owned company and know what it takes to be successful in Oklahoma. Protecting a business is not like protecting a home. A business is built on its reputation, and pests can damage that. We will treat your commercial building as if it’s our own.

Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma offers personalized pest management plans to keep your business safe and healthy for employees and customers. We service businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, schools, hotels, apartments, and many more. We Have Your Back, We Guarantee

  • First, we will thoroughly inspect your property to get to the root of the problem.
  • Then, we work with you to create a plan that works for your business.
  • Once your service is complete, we will schedule routine visits based on your needs.
  • Last, you have our quality service guarantee.

For 24-hour service, contact Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma. Talk to one of our professionals  about our commercial pest control and set up an inspection and a plan to keep pests at bay on your commercial property.

The Benefits Of Professional Flea Control Over DIY (Do It Yourself) Methods In Yukon, OK

Fleas are not a pest that is usually thought of unless you have a pet, but the truth is even a pet-free home can get fleas. They can be caused by a previous owner’s pet, or pests like rodents bringing them onto your property, or neighborhood pets. In some cases, a pet-free home can make it more challenging to get to the source of the pest problem you are dealing with. Some homeowners might try to DIY flea control on their Yukon, OK property. Although DIY’ing seems like a cheaper and easier option, it will end up costing you more time, money, and stress. Why not leave it to the professionals that can guarantee you results?

One benefit of getting professional flea control help is treating both the outside and inside of your property. Professionals will inspect your property to seal possible pest entry points to stop fleas from infesting again. You will receive tips and services you can’t perform on your own when you turn to the pros.

Don’t face fleas alone, call Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma today to assist you on your Yukon, OK property. 

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Yukon, OK Businesses?

Bed bugs are one of the most stressful pests to deal with. They are small and able to hide in cracks and crevices of upholstered items, wood furniture, and appliances. Bed bugs are also a misunderstood pest because many people believe they only infest “dirty” homes and businesses and are only around beds. Both of these myths are untrue.

If bed bugs can infest any property, you might be wondering how they get in if you keep your business clean. Unfortunately, the answer is customers and employees are often the ones that bring bed bugs inside. Even if you are careful, you might unintentionally carry a hitchhiker inside. Places where you can pick up bed bugs:

  • Hotels- people often overlook inspecting a room, especially the luggage rack, which is can be a hot spot
  • Restaurants And Movie Theaters- people often carelessly place their bags and jackets on the floor in a public space.
  • Used Items- second-hand items are one of the most common ways for bed bugs to get in

If you do face a bed bug infestation, don’t wait to contact the pros at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma.  We guarantee a bed bug-free business after our bed bug control services are complete. 


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