How Do I Know If I Have A Bed Bug Problem In Oklahoma City?

bed bug on a blanket
When was the last time you took all the covers off your bed? Probably the last time you cleaned them. While you were loading your blankets into the washer, did you notice any blood stains or reddish-brown specs? If you did, that could be an indication of a bed bug infestation. How do you check for bed bugs inside your living areas? We are going to be talking about bed bugs in Oklahoma City today.

Do Bed Bugs Fly Into Homes?

It is a wonder for many people how bed bugs travel. Do bed bugs fly? Do bed bugs jump? Do bed bugs crawl through gaps, cracks, and other openings? Interestingly enough, bed bugs do none of these things. The way these pests get around is by hiding on or inside items that people carry. If you accidentally carry an infested item into your home, these pests will crawl off and start an infestation inside your living areas. They might also get into your home by using one of your family members or friends to carry them inside.

Where Bed Bugs Hide

When indoors, bed bugs do not just stay around beds. These pests use lots of places to stay hidden from homeowners. Some of the most common areas bed bugs use to stay out of sight include wall voids, outlets, furniture, cracks and crevices between baseboards, floorboards, and decorative fixtures, and electronics. 

Where To Check For Bed Bugs

When inspecting your home for bed bugs, you cannot just look for these pests. You have to also look for signs they leave behind. Some signs you should look for include blood stains, fecal droppings, shed skins, and eggs. Look for these on and around beds and box springs, near outlets and baseboards, and inside cracks, gaps, and crevices around your home.

Some Bed Bug Control Techniques You Should Know

It is safe to assume that you do not want bed bugs inside your home. If you don’t think bed bugs are inside your home right now and you are trying to keep them out, here are some great bed bug control techniques to implement into your daily life.

  • When you are traveling, thoroughly inspect the rooms you plan on staying in for signs of bed bugs. If you find anything concerning, change rooms or go to a different establishment.
  • Before traveling from being away, store used clothing inside a sealed bag. After getting home, unload this bag into the washer and wash it in hot water.
  • When shopping for used clothing or furniture, keep an eye out for live bed bugs and the signs they leave behind. If you see anything concerning, let the manager know and take your business somewhere else.
  • Avoid leaving items on the floor in public for more than 20 minutes at a time. This is about how long it takes bed bugs to crawl over and hitch a ride.

When It's Time To Get A Professional Involved For Your Bed Bug Problems

It is challenging to keep bed bugs out. It is even more challenging to get rid of these pests after they find their way indoors. If you suspect bed bugs are around, do not worry. At Guaranteed Pest Services of Oklahoma, we offer quick-working bed bug control services to remove these pests from area homes. If you don’t know if your home is infested, let us come out and take a look. Our pest control technicians are well-equipped and trained to identify bed infestations in their earliest stages.

Reach out to us now to find out more about our bed bug control and schedule your Oklahoma City home for a visit.

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