How Do Pantry Moths Keep Finding Their Way Into My Oklahoma City Home

close-up of pantry moth
You’ve probably heard of many pest species such as ants, spiders, wasps, rodents, and cockroaches, but there is one other kind of pest problem that you might not think about as much. Pantry pests in Oklahoma City invade stored food products, and one of the most common pantry pests is the Indian meal moth. Often known as the pantry moth, these pests can be invasive and disgusting to deal with. Get started with pest control in Oklahoma City to protect against pantry moths by reading on.

What Do Pantry Moths In Oklahoma City Look Like? 

Pantry moths look differently depending on where they are at in their life cycle. When they are larvae, they are only about half an inch long and have a very worm-like appearance. They are a creamy white color with reddish-brown heads. The larvae are the ones that eat food items while the adults do not.

Once they reach adulthood and turn into moths, Indian meal moths will leave the nest and try to find a way outdoors after they've laid more eggs. The adults are reddish-brown, and their wings have cream and black markings.

How Do Indian Meal Moths Get Into Oklahoma City Homes?

There are a couple of ways that Indian meal moths can get inside homes. The first and most common is when food items are purchased and then brought home. This is rather disgusting, but it is just a fact that often these moths lay their eggs in factories. Then, when you get these items home, the eggs will already be inside. At this point, the moths can spread to other items in your pantry.

Secondly, these moths can get inside when the adults fly in. They can fit through holes in screens or through open doors and windows.

Effective Pantry Moth Prevention Tips For Oklahoma City Homes

To get effective pantry pest control, it’s best to reach out to the pros at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma. However, you can also help prevent the problem by taking some measures on your own. Here are some of the best ways to prevent pantry moths:

  • Check items like grains, flours, and sugars for signs of pantry pests. You should look for powdery substances or small webbing.
  • Regularly rotate items in cupboards and pantries to use older items first.
  • Clean up the pantry and cupboards often. Be sure to wipe down the inside of these cabinets and keep them clean, especially if you’ve ever had pantry pests before.
  • Make it more challenging for adult moths to get indoors by repairing broken screens.

And, of course, if you want effective pantry pest prevention, contact our pest control in Oklahoma City team.

The Trick To Total Pantry Pest Control In Oklahoma City

Indian meal moths, and other pantry pests, can be disturbing to discover. No one wants to open up an item to eat and find bugs inside. Contact the residential pest experts at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma today if you want to keep your home free of pantry pests. We offer ongoing residential pest plans that can deter these problematic pests. Please get started by giving us a call.

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