Helpful Hints To Keep Crickets Away From Your Oklahoma City Home

close up of a cricket
Crickets might not be a creature that you think that much about. But, that can completely change if crickets in Oklahoma City get inside of your home or invade your property. Crickets in Oklahoma City are known for being loud as they make chirping noises, but people don’t often know that crickets are also somewhat deceptive as they chew through many things. These pests are annoying and disgusting, and it’s a good idea to get Oklahoma City pest control to prevent them and remove them. Read on to learn more and get started.

Why Are The Crickets In Oklahoma City So Loud?

Not all crickets are loud, but most of them in the area are. Outside in the summer, they will chirp throughout the night. It’s only the males of the species that make the loud noise. They do this by rubbing their front wings together to attract females. 

While some people enjoy the sound outside of their window, others find it very annoying and make it difficult to sleep. But what’s even worse is when crickets find their way inside. Just one cricket in the house can be loud and maddening, and often, it can be challenging to see where they are and remove them. This is why cricket control services are often the most effective. 

How Do Crickets Get Inside Homes?

Crickets can get inside of homes in a couple of different ways. Mostly, they can enter through small holes or cracks around the structure's exterior. They can slip through broken screens or under windows and doors that aren’t completely sealed. They can even fit through holes in the wall and foundation.

Secondly, people often end up with crickets in their homes if they keep crickets to feed other pets. Crickets are used to feed many reptile species, but they can easily escape and start living around your house.

Five Cricket Prevention Tips for Oklahoma City Residents

To ensure you get effective cricket control, you should seek the Oklahoma City pest control experts at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma. Along with our help, you can also take some steps on your own to keep these annoying pests out. Here are the best ways to prevent crickets:

  1. Remove access to food sources. Crickets will eat many things, so store pet food inside the house. Also, clean kitchens often and wipe up spills and crumbs immediately.
  2. Shore up the house so that crickets can’t get inside. Ensure that screens in doors and windows aren’t broken and get door sweeps and weather stripping.
  3. Reduce moisture concerns by fixing leaky plumbing and removing areas around the yard where water can pool.
  4. Keep your yard cleaned up often. Make sure to mow the lawn and remove organic debris.
  5. Get residential pest control help.

The Best Way To Prevent Cricket Infestations In Oklahoma City

If you have crickets around and are tired of the noise they make, contact the professionals at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma. We offer residential pest control options that will eradicate crickets, and we can also guard against them in the future. Learn more about cricket control options by calling us today or setting up an inspection.

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