What To Do About Hornets On Your Oklahoma City Property

hornet on a flower
Here in Oklahoma City, there are a number of pests that could invade your property. Few can be as threatening as hornets, however. After all, hornets can produce painful stings that can be dangerous, especially for people with allergies. As such, it’s important for you to know the steps you can take to limit hornet activity around your Oklahoma City property. This includes understanding the inherent risks that come with DIY hornet control, as well as the effective professional hornet control solutions that you can count on to eliminate the hornets around your Oklahoma City property. 

Identifying Local Area Hornets

Here in Oklahoma City, there are a variety of hornets and other stinging insects that you might face. One of the most common is the bald-faced hornet. Bald-faced hornets can grow to be ¾ of an inch long and are predominantly black with white markings on their faces, hence the name. Bald-faced hornets are social insects that build paper bests. Bald-faced hornets are also commonly misidentified as similar-looking stinging insects such as yellow-jackets and paper wasps. Both of these wasps are similar in size to bald-faced hornets and are black with markings of yellow or red. Both yellow jackets and paper wasps are social insects that build similar paper nests.

Where To Find Hornet Nests

Hornet nests can be found in locations all over the property. While some hornet species are social, others are solitary insects that build nests just for themselves. Areas you could find hornet nests include under eaves or overhangs, on trees, in bushes, or holes in the ground. While some species reuse the same nests season after season, other hornets such as bald-faced hornets build new nests each year.

Social hornets can build nests that have as many as 500 members. These members have different functions such as gathering food for the nest and protecting the nest from potential threats. If you come across a hornet nest somewhere around your property, it is best to avoid it or else you run the risk of being stung.

Risks Involved In DIY Hornet Control

When faced with hornet infestations, many people elect the handle the problem on their own. Unfortunately, this can lead to all sorts of health and safety issues. Hornets can be aggressive insects that can inflict painful stings on people. Not only are these stings painful, but they can also be extremely dangerous to people with allergies. Even people without allergies can be at risk to further health complications as hornets can sting more than one time in a row.

Given this, attempting to get rid of a hornet nest on your own will likely result in being stung. Moreover, without the proper knowledge or equipment, there is a good chance you will only irritate the hornets without effectively eliminating them. It is always best to consult with professionals before undertaking any DIY pest control project.

Safe & Effective Hornet Control Solutions

Rather than put yourself in harm’s way by attempting to remove hornets from your Oklahoma City property on your own, you should contact the professional technicians here at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma for assistance. Not only will we safely and effectively eliminate any hornet infestation with which you are dealing, but we will also work with you to ensure your property remains protected from any future infestations.

Don’t put you and your family at risk by letting hornets live anywhere around your property. Call Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma to schedule a free inspection and get started with a hornet control program that works for you.

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