What To Do About Bed Bugs In Your Oklahoma City, OK Home

close up of 2 bed bugs
If you suspect bed bugs are in your Oklahoma City, OK home, you don't have much time to take action. Bed bugs are annoying pests that don't disappear on their own. Because they reproduce quickly, bed bug infestations only worsen until you seek help. Find out what you should do about bed bugs in your home.

What You Shouldn't Do About Bed Bugs

Before you learn how to handle a bed bug infestation, there are a few things you should know to avoid. First, resist the temptation to ignore the signs of bed bugs. If you see small brown insects that look like apple seeds, you're probably staring at bed bugs. Rather than ignore them, you need to call for help.

There are several other signs of bed bugs, some of which are more obvious than others. If you have even the slightest reason to believe there are bed bugs in your home, call a licensed pest control technician. Waiting to get help only allows bed bugs to continue to feed on you and reproduce.

Wait To Call For Help

Another mistake is to wait to call for assistance. If you see signs of bed bugs, don't hesitate. The sooner you call a professional, the better.

Try DIY (Do It Yourself) Methods

You also should never try DIY methods of bed bug removal. Unfortunately, this is a mistake that many home and business owners make. They think handling an infestation on their own costs less than working with a professional. However, these DIYers don't realize that there is no easy way to remove bed bugs. After spending money and wasting time on DIY techniques, you'll end up calling a pest control company.

Property owners use an array of ineffective methods to deter or eliminate bed bugs. For instance, some people believe spreading baking soda will dehydrate bed bugs, so they sprinkle baking soda around their beds. While this might work on some bed bugs, there's no evidence that baking soda deters or kills bed bugs. It certainly won't get rid of an infestation.

Another at-home method of bed bug elimination is spreading mothballs. Although there are chemicals in mothballs that may kill bed bugs, there are some bed bugs that won't be affected by the toxic chemicals in fact, one study showed that only about half of the adult bed bugs in an area are affected by mothballs. Furthermore, the eggs and nymphs all survived.

If you rush to wash your bedding after noticing bed bugs, you're at least on the right track. High heat kills bed bugs. But this alone won't take care of your problem. Typically, bed bugs live in other places on your property. They could be in your furniture, baseboards, or picture frames. Sadly, washing your sheets won't do anything about those bed bugs.

What You Should Do About Bed Bugs

Since DIY methods are ineffective against bed bugs, you might be wondering what does work. When it comes to bed bug elimination, there's only one answer - professional help. Anything else will cost you time and money. If you own a business, failing to call in a pest control company could cost you all of your customers.

To get rid of an entire infestation, you should call us at Guaranteed Pest Service of Oklahoma. For years, our team has been handling bed bug infestations in homes and businesses. We first inspect your property for bed bugs and then use our expertise to take the best approach for your infestation. Instead of only eliminating a few bed bugs, we ensure they are all gone. For the most permanent and cost-effective method of bed bug removal, contact us at Guaranteed Pest Service. Our team is ready to help. 

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